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SHAKA, the South African footwear brand was founded in the 1990's. The brand takes its name from the Zulu King who reigned over the kingdom in the early 1800's. 

Our design focus on functionality that adapts to their native South African environments of mountains and desert. With versatility and comfort at the heart of the brands ethos, creating durable sandals designed to handle the day-to-day lives of it's wearers. 

SHAKA footwear garnered global success and their iconic designs gained a cult following around the world. 2013, in Japan the brand got revived and re-launched after a number of dormant years. Our goal is to bring the SHAKA sandals into the modern day, with new materials and innovative techniques. Whilst remaining true to the signature style that became synonymous with Shaka in the early years of the brand.

SHAKA's director Muromachi says of the revival "SHAKA footwear is a brand that I personally loved and I wanted to release again in a recognisable format. And so I contacted the South African embassy and thoroughly explained how to reinvigorate the brands legacy in Japan. I thought that I couldn't make a new design without understanding the details of the past as much as possible."

SHAKA sandals now set focus to expand the brand to Europe. We see that our sandals is perfectly designed for the day-to-day lives in the big citys. Also for the beautiful nature that exist in the countries of Europe. Wheter it's for enjoying a walk in the woods, a long day at work or exploring the city, our sandals are here to make you ready. 

Brand name


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