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Arnie Says was founded in Oslo in 2012 by Arnie Jakobsen.

Being a retailer at heart, Arnie Jakobsen set out to change the narrative of a typical collection presentation. In a very straight forward manner, Arnie Says is built around well-designed cornerstones of commercial, high-volume pieces. Arnie Says makes sure to always deliver garments in great fabrics and yarns at competitive price-points, rendering excellent value-for-money. This makes Arnie Says stand out in the marketplace and it has become the darling of hundreds of retail stores. Arnie Says is rapidly taking a position as a lovemark that creates consumer loyalty.

Arnie Jakobsen founded his first retail store in Oslo in 1988. This grew into a prominent retail driven environment for both wholesale and retail. Arnie went on to explore opportunities in international organizations like Tommy Hilfiger and J. Lindeberg. After heading J. Lindeberg as CEO until 2007 he returned home to further develop his operations in Oslo. These are the breeding grounds for the ideas that shaped Arnie Says. 

Since its inception Arnie Says has been designed by Linn Larssen who was educated at the French academy Esmod in Oslo. Linn has previously worked for the London-based fashion company Preen, as well as spent several years in retail.

Brand name


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