Pepe Jeans and The Andy Warhol Foundation introduced a complete men and ladies collection of clothes and accessories since autumn 2008.

Warhol, an excellent twentieth century American artist, challenged the world to see art differently.  Warhol's heritage lives on through his work, The Andy Warhol Foundation and from then on also through the Andy Warhol collection of Pepe Jeans London. The range demonstrates an advanced sense for design and proggressive ideas and will in future reach the same 'collector's content' as the art itself.

Andy Warhol collection by Pepe Jeans London is divided in two parts: Pop and Factory. Pop gets inspiration from the bright prints by Warhol, like e.g. the famous Campbell’s Soup Cans (1962). Factory is inspired by the typical personal style of Warhol's infamous followers who regularly visited his studio in New York.

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